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BBC To Launch International iPlayer Next Year

The BBC is set to launch an international version of its catch-up TV service iPlayer next year, the head of BBC Worldwide has announced.

Speaking to The Telegraph, the chief executive officer of BBC Worldwide John Smith has confirmed that the BBC Trust has approved the launch of an international version of the popular TV catch-up service.

Smith believes that an international version of the iPlayer will open up a previously "under-exploited" market for TV shows the world over.

“Not only will that mean international fans of, for example, Doctor Who can get their fix legitimately, but it has the potential of opening up a new revenue stream for the entire UK production industry, alongside sales to traditional broadcasters,” Smith said.

It is still not decided whether the video on-demand service will be paid for by advertisements, or if users will have to pay for watching their favourite shows.

The BBC believes that an international audience would pay as much as $10 to watch one episode of their favourite BBC shows.