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Cisco Study Reveals IT Policy Office Frictions

A survey published by Cisco has revealed a 'disconnect' between IT departments and employees over the use of mobile devices and social media in office environments.

According to the company, the stringent IT polices used by many companies, and the fact that employees are now using their own mobile wireless devices and accessing social media websites, is causing unwanted friction between IT departments and the office workforce.

The revelation is a part of Cisco's Connected World Report, which surveyed 2,600 workers and IT professionals from 13 countries between August and September.

The first part of the study was released in October and had revealed that around 60 per cent of workers believed that they did not feel the need to be present in the office to be productive.

The second part, which studied the relationship between IT departments and workers, found that while 82 per cent of the companies had deployed IT polices around 24 per cent of the workers were not aware about them.