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Crystal-encrusted Samsung Galaxy Tab Launched At Harrods

A crystal encrusted Samsung Galaxy tablet PC has been launched in the iconic Harrods store in London.

According to tech news site T3 the new Galaxy tablet PC will be available for £2,699 for the coming Christmas season.

The Galaxy Tab has the same features as the less sparkly version of the device - a 1GHz processor, Google's Android 2.2 operating system and a 7-inch TFT-LCD display. The only addition it has is the 5,700 Swarovski Bright Crystals, adding to the glamour surrounding the device.

The crystal embedded Galaxy tablet PC was unveiled on 7 November at a customer event at the department store and will be made available exclusively from Micro Anvika at Harrods.

The Tab's official release read: “The crystallisation technique used has been honed to absolute perfection, with outstanding quality of workmanship which ensures every crystal is precisely positioned in its own perfect space. The Galaxy Tab logo is also elegantly recreated in Jet Hematite, producing a unique design that can be customised to individual taste.”