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Facebook Sues Phoenix Media Over Patents

Facebook is suing the owner of the Boston Phoenix newspaper and WFNX radio for infringing on two patents concerning the management of media content online.

The social networking giant filed the lawsuit on 8 November in a federal court in Boston. The lawsuit comes as a response to a case filed last year by Phoenix Media/Communications Group against Facebook.

Facebook is still challenging the validity of the complaint.

The complain against Boston Phoenix and its People2People group, along with Tele-Publishing and WFNX, claims that the outfits are using certain features on their news site and online music player at the radio station which infringes on Facebook patents, Business Week has reported.

Officials from both Facebook and Boston Phoenix are yet to give any statements on the matter.

Daniel Gleason, the attorney who is currently representing Phoenix, also refrained from commenting on the counter suit, but said of the previous suit that the company considers it to be of utmost importance as it addresses the fundamental aspects in their view about how the Facebook system works.