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Google Brand Image Hit By Privacy Breach

After escaping a fine from the ICO, Google's 'Do No Evil' brand image may have been hit in the fallout.

Having found Google guilty of breaching privacy laws after its Street View service harvested personal data from unprotected Wi-Fi networks, the ICO failed to impose a fine, instead giving the search giant nine months to review its privacy policy.

Despite being let off without a fine, the company's brand image has taken a hit with consumers and governments loosing their trust in Google.

According to Web User, Greenlight SEO consultant Jack Adams has suggested that, as Google struggles to prove its innocence over the recent data breaches, Microsoft could use the scandal to market Bing as a better alternative.

"The damage to Google's brand perception is substantial. With this story looking likely to remain in the news for the near future, an astutely timed and focused marketing push from Bing could still have an impact on the search landscape in the UK," he said.

A Google spokesperson told Web User: “As we have said before, we did not want this data, have never used any of it in our products or services, and have sought to delete it as quickly as possible.”