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Laptop Risk To Male Fertility

A new study has found that the use of laptop computers could be harmful to male fertility as the devices heat-up men's testicles.

According to Reuters, the study published in 'Fertility and Sterility' and conducted by Yelim Sheynkin, a urologist at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, used thermometers to check the scrotal temperature of 29 young men using a laptop placed on their laps.

The researcher said that within 10 to 15 minutes of using the laptops, the scrotum heated up beyond the danger level. However, an hour of using laptops placed on their knees, rather than on their laps, led to a less drastic temperature rise.

The researchers also were keen to stress that using a lap pad doesn't adequately protect the testicles from the high temperatures.

Overheating of the testes has been proven to be harmful to sperm, but no current study can conclusively determine whether it damages male fertility or not.