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Lovefilm Debuts On Sony PS3 Gaming Console

Movie rental specialist Lovefilm will launch its video on demand service on the Sony Playstation 3 gaming platform in the UK as from tomorrow, a move that prepares the company for the impending arrival of its fiercest rival, Netflix.

An update for the PS3 will be available on the 10th of November which will add Lovefilm to the iPlayer on the XMB.

Lovefilm has confirmed that the service will be available to all those who have a Lovefilm subscription, including subscribers on free trial ones.

The streaming website currently lists 52 free movies, a whopping 4110 films and documentaries free with their package and 809 pay per view movies online (costing £3.49 for 48 hours).

The company has one of the largest range of films and games in the UK with more than 67,000 titles and provides with the support to major partners like Tesco, easy Group, CD WoW, Guardian News Media, Odeon and many more who chose to launch a fully white-labelled online DVD rental service.

Packages for Lovefilm start from £5.99 per month and include two hours streaming while the £7.99 one includes four hours streaming and the £9.99 one, unlimited streaming (depending of course on your ISP's terms and conditions).

Lovefilm is also expected to launch an app for the Youview IPTV service, formerly known as Project Canvas, which is backed by BT, Talktalk and the BBC amongst others.

2011 could well be a defining year for Lovefilm as Amazon, which already owns 42 per cent of the company, could buy it outright after claims that the online giant had made put a £200 million bid for it on the table.