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Microsoft launches Extreme Windows Blog

Microsoft has launched a new blog aimed at enthusiasts and power users which it deems worthy of the impressive title 'The Extreme Windows Blog'.

Launched with an inaugural post by Windows Team member Brandon LeBlanc, the blog aims to differentiate itself from Microsoft's various offerings by targeting users who, in LeBlanc's words, have a "passion for technology."

A mere passion isn't enough for extreme Windows users, however: LeBlanc also requests that a prospective reader "understands the value of technology, and is a source of knowledge for others.

"By extreme we don’t necessarily mean taking a PC and trying to get it to utilise geothermal energy instead of the conventional power supply," LeBlanc explains. "You can expect to see blog posts on topics ranging from upgrading a PC’s graphics card or memory to getting the most out of Windows Media Center as a DVR to geeked out Windows tips and tricks."

Microsoft has long had an active ecosystem of blogs that aim to improve the company's public image or help market its latest innovations, but this marks the first time the company has aimed for the 'enthusiast' market. Previous blogs have aimed either at the 'average user' or corporate types - neither of whom, it must be said, spend a great deal of time reading blogs.

Describing the upcoming content planned for the blog as "super cool," LeBlanc explains that readers can "expect a variety of folks to take part in blogging here including my friends from the Windows PC Ecosystem Team who will introduce 'extreme' scenarios available from the hardware/software ecosystem, and we’ll also be showcasing community members and MVPs who are doing interesting things with their PCs and Windows as well."

If you think you're extreme enough, you can find the Extreme Windows Blog on the Windows Team Blog site.