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News@10: Royal Navy Site Hacked, British Monarchy On Facebook & BBC To Launch International iPlayer

The official website of the British Royal Navy has been attacked by a hacker, forcing the Ministry of Defence to take it offline. A Romanian security researcher/hacker, who goes by the name of TinKode, has claimed to have breached the government website and accessed its database.

One must be pleased to see that official British Monarchy Facebook page has attracted more than 125,000 fans on one of the world's most popular websites, 16 hours after it was launched. By 9am this morning, a whopping 41,000 Facebook users had already pressed the "like" button to show their appreciation of the Royal family and the list is growing at the rate of 1,000 every 5 minutes or so.

Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia has announced that it will absorb Symbian Foundation, effectively ending the two year spell during which the entity existed as an independent non for profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of the mobile phone OS.

Facebook is suing the owner of the Boston Phoenix newspaper and WFNX radio for infringing on two patents concerning the management of media content online. The social networking giant filed the lawsuit on 8 November in a federal court in Boston. The lawsuit comes as a response to a case filed last year by Phoenix Media/Communications Group against Facebook.

The BBC is set to launch an international version of its catch-up TV service iPlayer next year, the head of BBC Worldwide has announced. Speaking to The Telegraph, the chief executive officer of BBC Worldwide John Smith has confirmed that the BBC Trust has approved the launch of an international version of the popular TV catch-up service.