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News@5: Call of Duty: Black Ops Prices, Ofcom Details White Spectrum Plans & Kinect

Currys has announced that it will be selling Call of Duty : Black Ops for a whoppingly low £19.99 given that you spend at least £50 or more online or in-store. This is different from the Sainsburys deal which requires that the user buys £30 worth of groceries instore and (cannot be performed online) in order to get the game for £27.97

UK media regulator Ofcom has detailed its plans to make use of "white space technology" in order to improve broadband access in rural areas and strengthen wireless connectivity. The 'white space' is the unused radio frequencies found floating between TV channels. If used, the frequencies stored in the white space could significantly improve the mobile broadband network in rural Britain.

UK Defence Minister Nick Harvey is expected to outline the proposed cyber defence programme to a leading think tank at Chatham House today. According to BBC News, the minister will detail the government's planned roadmap to combat cyber threats to its critical infrastructure and deal with the rising threat of cyber terrorism.

US-based games retailer GameStop has declared that Microsoft's Kinect will prevail over Sony's Move controller in terms of sales during the upcoming holiday season.

HTC is reportedly hiring staff for the future launch of its own online store, set to sell e-books and applications. Citing two people with knowledge of the situation, the Financial Times reports that HTC plans to sell e-books, e-magazines and a variety of applications for its range of Windows Phone 7 and Android phones through the app store.