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Ofcom Details White Space Spectrum Plans

UK media regulator Ofcom has detailed its plans to make use of "white space technology" in order to improve broadband access in rural areas and strengthen wireless connectivity.

The 'white space' is the unused radio frequencies found floating between TV channels. If used, the frequencies stored in the white space could significantly improve the mobile broadband network in rural Britain.

The regulator has outlined proposals for using the white space and also released consultation papers on how to successfully launch the technology.

William Webb, director of technology resources at Ofcom said in a statement to The Telegraph: “We need to think about more efficient ways of using this limited resource. Using the white spaces between TV channels is a good example of how we can both use spectrum more efficiently and provide opportunities for innovative new applications and services.”

Ofcom plans to come up with a final set of regulatory and technical guidelines for allowing the effective usage of the technology in the UK.