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Opera Co-Founder Praises Europe Browser Ballot

Opera co-founder Jon von Tetzcher has said that the European web browser ballot screen that Microsoft was forced to deploy has had a positive impact on the European web browser market.

In an interview with Seattle PI, the Opera co-founder and former CEO said that the European web browser ballot box system has allowed users to choose the web browser they wish to use, resulting in a favourable competitive environment.

Previously, Opera, along with a group of other European web browser companies, had approached the European Commission to discuss the anti-competitive measures used by Microsoft to promote its Internet Explorer web brower.

Every Windows OS sold came with the Internet Explorer set as the default web browser. Most people never bothered to download and install a different web browser, and so IE became the most widely used browser in Europe, as well as other global markets.

After being investigated by EC, Microsoft was forced to add an ballot screen, which provides a random list of web browsers that can be downloaded by new Windows operating system users.

“I think the ballot has had an impact. It hasn't changed the market significantly, but it has had an impact. It's not like Microsoft's share has plummeted, but you have seen an increase,” von Tetzcher said.