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Opera Mobile 10.1 Beta For Android Released

Opera Software has released the Mobile 10.1 beta web browser for Google's Android mobile operating system.

The new web browser, which is available for download from the Android Market, will be compatible with Android 1.6 or later.

Helped by its fast browsing speed and user friendly interface, the company hopes to carve itself a niche in the Android mobile browser market, which is already packed with Opera rivals, including Mozilla's Firefox 4, the Skyfire browser, Dolphin Browser HD and Android's default web browser.

The app, which will also be available from Opera's own website in 18 different languages, will come with standard Opera features, such as Speed Dial, password manager and Link, that allows users to synchronise their bookmarks between phones and computers.

Opera Mobile 10.1 beta will also come with full touch-screen capabilities, including pinch-to-zoom and a long-press features that opens a link without the users having to move their fingers.

An Opera spokesperson said that the future versions of the browser will come with Flash support and hardware acceleration.