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Oracle Hires Private Eye To Find Apotheker

Oracle has hired private investigators to track down Leo Apotheker, the current CEO of HP, in order to force him to testify against his former employer SAP.

Until now the HP board of directors has refused to allow its CEO to appear in court and has kept him away from their headquarters to keep him out of court jurisdiction, but now Oracle has hired private investigators to find him, Reuters sources ( report.

Apotheker, who was the former chief of SAP is currently being subpoenaed by Oracle although HP has refused to accept the summons and has accused the software maker of harassing him.

HP maintained its stand that Apotheker knew nothing about TomorrowNow’s misuse of Oracle’s software.

SAP executives have admitted the software theft by its subsidiary TomorrowNow, but argue that they only owe tens of millions and not billions of dollars as claimed by Oracle.

According to a Wall Street Journal report Oracle chief Larry Ellison claims to have lost around 30 per cent of their customers, resulting in a loss of $4 billion for the company.

When asked to produce documents suggesting the number of customers lost Ellison replied: “I do not write those sorts of things down.”