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British Monarchy Facebook Page Hit By Anti Royalist Abuse

Moderators have had to remove dozens of anti-royalist comments from the Royal Family’s Facebook account.

Despite over 125,000 people ‘liking’ The British Monarchy Facebook page during it’s first full day online yesterday, many anti-monarchist comments have appeared on the discussion threads of the page.

It is thought that the saboteurs ‘liked’ The British Monarchy page only so that they could access the discussion area and could post their abusive messages.

A Buckingham Palace Spokesperson

said to The Telegraph

that moderators have had to remove “a number” of anti-monarchist comments

, adding:

“There are an awful lot of comments on there and, while we’re certainly not stifling debate, out colleagues in the web office are moderating the page and removing any offensive comments with sexual content or bad language.”

The Facebook page marks the latest step into the social networking world for the Queen, with a dedicated Royal Family Twitter and YouTube account already in place.