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Queen's Facebook page hit by torrent of abuse

A whopping 148,000 people have rushed to 'Like' the Queen during her first day on Facebook - but it seems not all of them are her greatest fans.

The Queen officially joined Facebook at 8am on Monday and, since then, thousands of followers have been busily enjoying a regular stream of photos and videos posted by Her Majesty's moderators.

Ardent royalists won't actually be able to become 'friends' with Liz, Phil et al, but can instead 'Like' the British Monarchy's official Facebook page in order to receive updates on the latest right royal ramblings.

But it seems that some Facebook users aren't feeling very friendly at all.

One visitor to the Royal Family's fan page branded the Windsors "scrounging layabouts".

User 'Welsh Andy' asked: "Why is my money being spent on this parasite when we [are] suffering massive cuts in our public services?"

In another thread, Facebook user Jason Higginbotham wrote: "Take all their possessions as they belong to the country, sell all their assets to help reduce the national debt. Abolish the monarchy and all its powers, real and ceremonial."

A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed that moderators had been forced to remove a number of abusive postings.

Royal watchers described the Queen's Facebook debut as the 'final frontier' in the Royal family's somewhat tardy conversion to the digital world.

Its official @BritishMonarchy account on Twitter already has more than 74,000 followers, and TheRoyalChannel on the video sharing website YouTube has gathered over 33,000 subscribers.