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Saxo Bank Partners Microsoft For MSN Trader Release

Microsoft has joined forces with Saxo Bank to release the MSN Trader platform in the UK this week.

According to The Financial Times, the two companies will be launching MSN Trader in the UK this Wednesday and have plans to extend the platform to the rest of Europe at a later date.

MSN Trader will allow investors to take control of their own finances and determine how and where to invest their money.

Microsoft said that MSN Trader will allow investors to trade in 23 separate exchanges around the world on one common platform from November 10th.

The platform will come equipped with key research and market comparison tools, that were previously only available to professional investors. Anyone with fairly good knowledge of the global markets will be able to operate the platform.

MSN Trader, which will be based on Saxo Bank's WebTrader system, will be available from Microsoft's MSN Money website.