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Sprint Document Reveals ZTE Peel Details

A leaked document has surfaced online that shows Sprint's commitment to launch the ZTE Peel, an accessory that allows an iPod Touch to access 3G networks.

BGR obtained the document that indicates that the ZTE Peel will launch on the 14th of November and will be available via dealers and in some stores for $79.99 without subsidies.

The price plan suggested by the mobile phone carrier is a $30 monthly one which includes 1GB data usage with extra capacity costing $50 per GB.

Roaming, as expected, won't be included and the plan is not discountable; however, It is month-to-month contract meaning that users won't be tied to long term commitment.

As for the ZTE Peel, it will support iPod Touch 2 and 3, 3G internet access, the ability to run as a hotpost to connect up to two other devices (ed : nice!), advanced security through WPA, WPA2 and WE and the presence of an internal antenna.

Physically, the ZTE Peel - described by Verizon Wireless as portable, secure and wireless - looks like a sleeve with a significant bulge.

Unfortunately, the ZTE Peel doesn't come with an additional secondary battery (like the TPhone) which could have boosted the battery life of the iPod Touch.

Note that the fourth generation iPod Touch won't be supported for now because of the difference in specifications.

The iPod Touch 4 has a different form factor and has a camera at the back that would be obstructed by the sleeve. It would be interesting to find out whether the ZTE Peel will go on sale in the UK and in Europe in the near future.