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Study Shows 26 Per Cent Socialise More Online Than In Person

A new study has revealed that 26 per cent of web users spend more time interacting with friends online than in person.

The study, which was conducted by social casino platform Yazino, found that people had now 11 different methods of communicating with friends, including text messaging, instant messaging and through social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

The company said that advanced communication technology was making people lazier as 11 per cent of people chose to stay indoors on a weekend instead of actually meeting people in person.

According to the study, three per cent of adults spend 25 hours each week communicating with friends online.

A further 11 per cent were found to use social media platforms to organise social gatherings, while one in twenty people said that they were unable to go to a party as they had missed the Facebook invitation.

Hussein Chahine, Yazino’s Founder and CEO of Yazino, said in a statement: “People increasingly prefer quick and frequent engagement with instant updates on news than a prolonged chat and are also finding new ways to catch up with friends from their comfort of their sofa.”