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Toshiba To Sell Macbook Air SSD Sticks

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba has announced that the launch of a new family of solid state drives that apparently feature prominently in Apple's latest Macbook Air laptop duo.

MacRumours astutely noted that the serial numbers and storage capacities are identical to storage devices used on Apple's latest notebooks.

The new SSDs called the Blade X-Gale look like RAM modules but use different connections although Toshiba's models rely on a SATA 2 (3Gbps) interface.

Physically, they are as thin as it gets; the 64GB and the 128GB models only 2.2mm thick while the 256GB one goes up to 3.7mm, up to 42 per cent thinner than traditional mSATA SSD.

All three have theorical top read speeds of 220MBps and write speeds of 180MBps thanks in part to the fact that they use multilevel NAND flash chips which store two bits per cell.

The parts are widely available for other manufacturers - including the likes of Dell and HP - to use and it is likely that they will end up in top of the range, thin and light laptops at the upper end of the market where price doesn't really matter,

In theory, users will be able to upgrade their Macbook Air circa 2010 using Toshiba modules although moving up to 256GB might be problematic because of the extra 1.5mm thickness.

Lastly, we wonder whether (and when) Toshiba will release an updated range of Portege (and Libretto) laptops that use these storage components.