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UK Defence Minister To Outline Cyber Battle Plans

UK Defence Minister Nick Harvey is expected to outline the proposed cyber defence programme to a leading think tank at Chatham House today.

According to BBC News, the minister will detail the government's planned roadmap to combat cyber threats to its critical infrastructure and deal with the rising threat of cyber terrorism.

The government has already classified cyber terrorism alongside terrorism and freak environmental accidents as a tier 1 issue in need of immediate addressing.

Under the recently announced national security review, the government has pledged to spend £650 million on a new National Cyber Security programme aimed at protecting both individuals and the national infrastructure from attack.

Harvey is expected to stress the need for greater co-operation between academic institutions, private firms and government in order to come up with new ways to not only combat cyber terrorism, but also to develop cyber warfare.

He is also set to announce the government's plans to help the armed forces use cyberspace fight wars in the future.