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Windows Phone 7 Kill Switch Confirmed

Microsoft executives have confirmed the existence of a kill-switch on its Windows Phone 7 operating system.

According to Microsoft, the kill switch tool enables software administrators to detect any threat from applications and software that pose a security or privacy risk and remove them from the handset.

According to PCPro the director of product management for Windows Phone Marketplace,Todd Biggs said that the company didn't like to talk about it publicly as its main focus is on testing an application to make sure it’s OK.

Biggs also maintained that in rare cases it is necessary to have appropriate tools to take action, and that is why the operating system comes with a kill switch .

“If in the Marketplace an app does get through and goes rogue there are a couple of things we can do about it, depending on what it was,” he said.

“We could unpublish it from the catalogue so that it was no longer available, but if it was very rogue then we could remove applications from handsets - we don't want things to go that far, but we could.”

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are also confirmed to have in-built kill switches to detect and remove malware and applications that break guidelines.