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3D Tool Lets Users Fly Round Future Dundee

Researchers at Abertay University in Dundee have developed a 3D tool that allows users to 'fly' through a virtual environment depicting what the city of Dundee will look like in the future.

The tool, which is based on hi-tech gaming technology, uses a Nintendo Wii controller and 3D glasses to let users see how the development of the city's waterfront area will affect the rest of the city.

Dundee's waterfront is due to see the construction of the Victoria and Albert Museum, designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma. The project will be completed by 2014 and will cost £50 million in development.

The people behind the 3D flying tool have already conducted talks with companies in Scotland on how to use the unique technology in future projects. It is hoped that the 3D tool will encourage people to actively take part in the development of the city.

Daniel Gilmour, the leader of the project, said in a statement to BBC News: “By bringing together Abertay University's skills in computer gaming and environmental science, we can help everyone understand what the waterfront plans really mean for them.”