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Apache Threatens To Exit The Java Community Process

The Apache Software Foundation has threatened to quit the Java Community Process (JCP) Executive Committee if Oracle refuses to grant the JCP the licences to the Java SE test kit.

In a post made on the Apache Foundation blog, the ASF said that under the terms laid down by the JCP, the ASF is allowed to use the Java SE test kit or TCK to test and distribute the release of the Apache Harmony project under the Apache License.

However, the organisation claims that Oracle has chosen to completely ignore the rights held by the ASF. and is offering the license under additional terms and conditions.

“The ASF will terminate its relationship with the JCP if our rights as implementers of Java specifications are not upheld by the JCP Executive Committee to the limits of the EC's ability,” the Apache Foundation said.

“The lack of active, strong and clear enforcement of those rights implies that the JSPA agreements are worthless, confirming that JCP specifications are nothing more than proprietary documentation,” it added.

The ASF also said that it would exercise its voting rights to vote against the Java SE 7 development roadmap proposed by Oracle.