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Apple Reportedly Kills Support For AirPrint On Macs And PCs

Apple has reportedly removed the Mac and PC support for its upcoming AirPrint wireless printing feature, which débuts on iOS 4.2.

Tech news site MacStories is reporting that Apple has removed all the references to the AirPrint support on Mac and PCs from the ReadMe files and the documentation posted on Apple's iOS developer centre.

However, the feature will still be able to allow wireless printing from iOS 4.2 devices to certain HP printers equipped with the latest firmware.

Apple's move has surprised many iOS developers that have been flooding Apple's developer forums asking for an explanation.

One developer posted that when he contact the company about the issue, Apple representatives replied: “Support for AirPrint on Windows and Mac has been cancelled. We will be in contact with you if another opportunity arises in the future.”

Some iOS developers are claiming that Apple removed the feature because it was highly unstable, whereas others claim that the feature is still working on the iOS 4.2 GM version recently seeded to developers by Apple.