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Asda Selling Call of Duty : Black Ops From £4.97

UK supermarket Asda is selling Call of Duty : Black Ops from only £4.97 if you trade one of three popular games via their "Buy, Play, Trade" pre-owned games service.

The catch (there's always one) is that these games are relatively recent and do still carry significant retail value; also the deal apparently excludes PC and Wii platforms.

The three games that qualify for the trade in offer are Fable III, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II and Fallout: New Vegas and more than 200 stores currently operate the scheme.

CoD : Black Ops carries a suggested retail price of £54.99 but as for most of the retailers out there, the selling price has been slashed to £36.97.

Asda noted in a blog post that other games from any mainstream formats can also be trade in to get cash straight away. The Asda deal will last until this Sunday and/or until stocks last.

Asda’s Head of Games Andrew Thompson said in a statement that “Entertainment has always been a key category for Asda, but more recently we’ve set ourselves the target of being the best general retailer in the market. We are passionate about being able to offer thousands of people outstanding value for money on Call of Duty; Black Ops, as we do on all our new releases.”

The issue with the Asda deal is that it contains too many caveats. Unlike the Sainburys deal, you actually need to part away from at least one game and unlike the Currys deal, you have to go instore to try and swap your games for the maximum price.