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Cisco Q1 Financial Report Preview

Cisco is expected to announce its fiscal first quarter results after the trading session ends on Wednesday.

The financial results of an industry leader like Cisco are set to determine the scale of the improving business investments in the IT sector.

The company, which provides networking hardware and software to large and small companies, has recovered from the plummeting sales it had experienced during the recession, but its top executives continue to be wary of the market, Business Week reports.

After the recovery, Cisco, which was forced to make significant job cuts in order to save costs, has hired 3,000 employees in the last six months, and has plans to continue to do so for the next six months.

According to an analyst poll conduced by Reuters, the company is expected to post earnings of 40 cents per share and sales worth $10.73 billion. Cisco has estimated its revenue to amount to between $10.65 billion and $10.83 billion.