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Couple Charged Over Opus Dei Malware Scam

A couple have been charged in the US for conning a Grammy award winning Latin music producer out of at least $6 million by convincing him that his life was in danger after his laptop was infected by a virus.

According to The NY Daily News, computer repair shop owner Vickram Bed and his girlfriend Helga Invarsdottir duped the musician and heir to an oil fortune Roger Davidson into paying them at least $6 million by convincing him that Opus Dei was after his life.

In 2004, Davidson took his virus-infected laptop to Bedi's computer repair shop in Westchester County in New York State. Here, Bedi and his girlfriend, having realised that Davidson was a rich musician and the heir of oil tycoon Conrad Schlumberger, persuaded him that his laptop was infected with a sophisticated virus which could not be removed easily.

The duo then went on to con Davison out of $160,000 a month by convincing him that his life was in danger from a group of Polish priests associated with Opus Dei - a plot uncovered by none other than Bedi's uncle.

Authorities suggests that the total cost of the scam could amount to $20 million.