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Facebook Offers Workaround For Google Block

Facebook has released a workaround to allow users to export contact information from Google, despite the search giant blocking the service.

On Friday Google updated the terms of service for its Contacts API, which prevented a third party, like Facebook, from taping the user’s data.

Facebook has now found out a clever way to bypass the restriction and download contact information from a Gmail account.

According to TechCrunch Facebook has installed a new button on its “find your friends" page, which will allow users to automatically download contacts in a CVS file and later import them to their Facebook account.

In response to this move, Google said in a statement that it is disappointed with Facebook, which didn’t invest time in making it possible for users to get their contacts out of Facebook.

Facebook engineer Mike Vernal said that Google’s own social networking site Orkut treated contact information the same way as Facebook is doing today which is preventing user data from being imported by a third party, exposing the hypocrisy.