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Facebook Sues Lamebook Over Trademark Infringement

Facebook has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the Texas-based website Lamebook, which pokes fun at various status updates, comments and photos on the social networking site.

Lamebook, which was founded in April 2009, lets users upload comedic wall posts, embarrassing pictures and crazy comments on the site.

Facebook had previously threatened Lamebook with legal action over the trademark infringement, but the site responded with a preemptive lawsuit of its own, that Lamebook is set up as a parody site and is protected under the 1st Amendment, the LA Times reports.

In its lawsuit, filed in federal court in San Jose, California on Monday, Facebook claims that Lamebook isn't a legally protected parody as it does not provide any critique or comment on Facebook itself.

Lamebook founders Jonathan Standefer and Matthew Genitempo have turned to the public for support and are seeking donations for a legal fund to help fight the lawsuit and protect their means of livelihood.