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Foursquare Updates Focus On Friends

Location-based social networking platform Foursquare has introduced a range of new updates to its site, indicating that the company is preparing to allow users to check-in from desktops.

In a blog post, the company announced two major updates to the website, including a cleaner homepage and simple options to search and add friends on the platform.

The homepage has been revamped to appear more friend-centric to logged-in users. The page now contains a friend’s activity stream that allows users to see what their friends are doing.

The other major update is the additional tools put in place to make it easier for people to search and add their friends to the platform.

The Find New Friends tool will allow users to hook-up to Facebook and Twitter to find friends that are on Foursquare but are not on their friend list. Users will also be able to scan Gmail for new Foursquare friends and send e-mail invites.

The website has also undergone some random tweaks here and there that suggest that users might be soon able to check-in from their desktops, Venture Beat reports.