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Google comes to Windows Phone 7

Popular search engine giant Google has announced its search engine application is now available for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft's Bing search engine rival can be downloaded from the WP7 Marketplace, for use with the latest MS mobile platform on mobile phones - offering up a more wider and varied way of searching.

The Google search app appears as a Windows Phone 7 tile and can be used for the usual search functions, with web, images, local and also news are all taken into account.

The instant preview that has recently been introduced is also possible inside of the WP7 app, where search results appear as the text is entered into the query.

Also on offer in this initial release of the application is the ability to search history, along with local searches for a more relevant set of results being produced for your location.

Microsoft's default search engine was previously the only one on offer with a Windows Phone 7 handset, which is limited and cannot search the phone where Google's engine on Android handsets can. There's a hope that the Google app within time can work around this issue, by providing universal searching functionality to the new Windows OS and related handsets.

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