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Google User Records Seized By Tokyo After YouTube Video Leak

A controversial video clip showing a Chinese fishing trawler colliding with two Japanese coastguard vessels near a remote island west of Japan has been leaked on the video sharing site YouTube.

The incident, that took place in the disputed waters earlier this September, is one of the main reasons behind the worsening Sino-Japanese relationship.

Immediately after the release of the video on YouTube, Japanese prosecutors jumped to seize user records from Google in a bid to investigate into the matter.

This video was not released by the Japanese government to the public on fears of inflaming the already bitter dispute with China.

The Japanese coastguard have already lodged a criminal complaint against the uploader for breaching the national public service act along with various other laws.

Prosecutors are set to analyze records of YouTube users IP addresses, which will help to identify and locate the computer used to upload the video clip.

Google has refused to comment on any media reports concerning this issue.

The oil and gas rich island chain, called Diaoyu in China and Senkaku in Japan, is controlled by Japan, but is also claimed by China, a disagreement that has caused major ripples in world politics.