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Human race descended from space aliens

Anti-evolutionists who get their panties in a bunch at the thought of being the descendants of apes will be outraged by the latest theory being bandied about... that all life on Earth may have been seeded by dead space bugs.

Necropanspermia is a theoretical process whereby tiny fragments of genetic material from cosmic viruses made it to Earth and became the magical ingredient in the primordial soup which gave birth to all life on the planet.

The previous theory - panspermia, which posits that life arrived on Earth in the form of living microbes carried on asteroids and comets - has been dismissed because of the intense levels of killer radiation in space.

Astronomer Paul Wesson reckons, however, that enough genetic information could survive. “The vast majority of organisms reach a new home in the Milky Way in a technically dead state,” he wrote in a report soon to be published in Space Science Reviews. “Resurrection may, however, be possible.”

Wesson says that, no matter how much damage is caused on the journey from one part of the galaxy to another, there could be enough chunks of information left in even highly degraded DNA to kick off the process of regeneration.