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ICO Slammed For Sending 'Keystone Cops' To Investigate Google

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has been criticised by an MP for not sending "technical people" to investigate the Google Street View data breach scandal.

Criticising the ICO for mishandling the whole issue, Conservative MP Rob Halfon told The Guardian: “I find it astonishing that the Information Commissioner seemingly did not send technical people to investigate the Google breach of our private data.”

“The IOC seems more Keystone Cops than protector of our civil liberties. It is extraordinary that the IOC can spend £13m on PR over 10 years but can't find the right resources to investigate breaches of our data protection,” he added.

The ICO, which had determined that Google's Street View had collected "insignificant" private user data, recently asked the search giant to mend its ways and threatened an audit after privacy watchdogs the world over found Google to have breached privacy laws.

According to documents released by the Ministry of Justice, the ICO had sent an assistant commissioner and a "strategic liaison group manager" to analyse samples of the collected data in July.