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Japan seized Google user records over video leak

The posting onto YouTube of a video clip showing a Chinese fishing trawler colliding with two Japanese coastguard vessels has lead to the seizure of Google user records by Japanese prosecutors.

The incident, which took place in disputed waters in September, sent perennially-unstable relations between China and Japan plunging to their lowest point in years, triggering escalating diplomatic friction, according to China's People's Daily.

Japanese prosecutors were desperate to find the source of the leak and demanded to see Google's logs in order to track down the perp's IP address. As the heat was on, a member of the coastguard came forward to declare: "I'm Spartacus."

"I have been informed that a coastguard has told his superior officer that he himself leaked the images," Japan Coastguard chief Hisayasu Suzuki told the Japanese parliament.

The Japanese coastguard have already lodged a criminal complaint against the uploader for breaching the national public service act along with various other laws.

Google is keeping quiet on the matter.