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Microsoft: Motorola overcharging on Xbox patents

Microsoft has fired another patent infringement lawsuit at Motorola, this time accusing the phone and sundry bits and bobs maker of charging too much for network technology used by Microsoft in its Xbox console.

A miffed Microsoft says Motorola is demanding "royalties that are excessive and discriminatory," for the use of WLAN wireless and H.264 video coding technologies in the toy. The poor convicted monopolist just can't afford to stump up such extortionate sums. it seems. It wants compensation.

Microsoft claims Motorola is in breach of commitments made to the relevant standards institutions to license its patents "under reasonable rate with reasonable terms and under non-discriminatory conditions".

The suit, case number 2:10-cv-01823, was filed in federal court in Seattle, and is available for perusal here.

Just last month Microsoft accused Motorola of infringing a number of its patents in its Android-based smartphones.

The companies used to be good chums.