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Microsoft Releases Kinect Power Adapters

Microsoft has released a power adapter for its Kinect motion gaming peripherals for people who didn't buy the device in a bundle and have an older Xbox 360 console.

The Kinect power adapter is available from the Microsoft Store for $34.99, gaming news site Joystiq reports.

The adapter has been designed to be used by owners of older versions of its Xbox 360 or users who don't own a slim version of the gaming console.

The newer Xbox hardware comes with a special port at the back that powers the device. The consoles available with the bundle also come with the power ports.

The power adapter is pretty much useless for users on newer Xbox consoles but can come handy while visiting a friends house or moving Kinect to room with an older Xbox console.

According to tech news site Cnet, demand for the adapter has been strong, with the Microsoft Store already listing it as out of stock.