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My Taptu RSS App Released

My Taptu, an app capable of sending out visualised RSS feeds, has been released for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android platforms.

The application, which has been developed by Taptu, the company behind the popular Wapedia Wikipedia app, has been designed to present RSS feeds in square blocks containing an image and a snippet from each article.

Users will be able to add their own feeds and will also be able to choose from 200 pre-loaded feeds taken from 5,000 channels. The feed categories include tech, celebrity and politics.

The My Taptu app will be competing with RSS readers Pulse and Flipboard that allow users to go through their RSS feeds in an interactive magazine-like format.

Essentially being a mobile based company, Taptu, which is based in Cambridge, is yet to release an app for the iPad and says that it would like to see how the app performs in the mobile market.

Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, the senior director of products and engineering at Taptu, told The Guardian: “A typical mobile user might have 30 or 40 apps on their phone, and would start the day checking Facebook, then Twitter and then the BBC. That kind of app hopping is what we are trying to solve by aggregating all that content.”