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News@10: Apple Reportedly Buys Wi-Gear, A Global BBC iPlayer & Yahoo

The fact that the iPlayer is looking to go global shouldn't come as a surprise but some might question the timing given that the coalition government has already confirmed that it will freeze the licence fee (after an initial, short-lived reluctance). The so-called Beeb tax currently stands at £145.50 per annum and may well prove to be insufficient to finance the corporation's grander ambitions to become a worldwide player much to the behest of rivals like News Corporation.

Amazon may have chosen to sell the hottest game in town, Call of Duty : Black Ops, for more than most of its competitors, this hasn't prevent it from becoming one of the fastest selling games at the online retailer.

Researchers at Abertay University in Dundee have developed a 3D tool that allows users to 'fly' through a virtual environment depicting what the city of Dundee will look like in the future. The tool, which is based on hi-tech gaming technology, uses a Nintendo Wii controller and 3D glasses to let users see how the development of the city's waterfront area will affect the rest of the city.

Yahoo has not been approached by any private equity firm or other financial institutions concerning an acquisition. According to The Wall Street Journal, a source close to Yahoo has said that the company was not in talks with, nor it has been approached by any private equity firm, despite the rumours that KKR & Co. has joined a group of web giants and investment houses planning to buy-out Yahoo.