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Ollie, the Psychic Octopus, Says Move Will Surpass Kinect

Now that Paul, the psychic octopus who famously predicted that the final outcome of the South African world cup, is dead, his cousin, nicknamed Ollie has been charged with keeping us abreast of predictions in technology for the end of the year.

According to the mollusc, the Playstation Move, Sony's answer to the Nintendo Wii, will outsell Microsoft Kinect, which has been tipped by some to be a Christmas favourite.

It also chose the Apple iPad over the Samsung Galaxy Tab as the likely winner of the Christmas battle between the two tablets even if sales of the former were always likely to surpass that of the Galaxy Tab.

The challenge was organised by price comparison website Kelkoo which confirmed that Ollie's predictions were largely in line with their own research, especially when it comes to the fight between the two tablets.

Interestingly, Ollie didn't actually "choose" anything but selected snacks that were attached to the products instead.

Some sad souls may actually say that Kelkoo is trying to wow journalists and the rest of the UK with an alternative to the Compare the Market's mascot, the altogether more elegant Alexandr the Meerkat.

Anyway, one can see Ollie in action here and we're not even sure that the cephalopod will be alive by the end of the year to see whether its predictions became true or not