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Queen Facebook Page To Reach 200,000 Fans By This Afternoon

By the end of the day, the British Monarchy page on Facebook is likely to get pass the 200,000 mark and it currently stands at 193,400, three days after it was launched.

41,000 Facebook users had joined the page by 9am on Monday morning with more than 125,000 fans joining the page by the end of the day.

The move by the British Monarchy to embrace modern life and social media did not go unnoticed by Anti-Royalists who were prompt to deride the attempt and make a mockery of the move.

Many have posted comments on the discussion thread on the page which has prompted Buckingham Palace to remove a number of abusive comments, taking good care of not stifling comment.

A spokesperson for Facebook told UKPA that "The content they're putting up is great for a Facebook page, and it's good for them to be getting the information out there. When they put photos up on the site, they become part of the social graph and that's how you get people interested."

The Queen and the Monarchy are no stranger to technology; they have a Flickr account that was launched at the end of June, a Twitter account with nearly 75,000 followers and a Youtube Royal channel that has already clocked more than eight million pageviews.