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Skyfire working on Flash-playing browser for iPad

The developers behind Skyfire, the Flash-fiddling browser for Apple's iPhone and Android handsets, have announced that they are working on an iPad version of the app.

In a Twitter post sent last night, Skyfire engineers said, "We are working on an iPad version of Skyfire. If your primary device is the iPad, please consider waiting - Follow us for our iPad news!"

We're not sure whether the post was intended as a teaser, or as an appeal for iPad users not to further clog up the company's servers by installing the iPhone version of the App on the tablet device.

So many people were trying to use the iPhone App in its first five days of release that Skyfire had to slap a' Sold Out' sticker on the iTunes App Store in order to stop its servers going up in smoke.

No time frame was offered for the eventual launch of the software which transcodes Flash video content offline and turns it into Apple-friendly HTML5 before redelivering to the user's device.