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Tesco Flogs Call of Duty : Black Ops For £25

Tesco might have the perfect Call of Duty : Black Ops deal for those who wouldn't mind getting one of any three gaming accessories with the game costing only £25.

Customers have to choose either between 2100 points on Xbox Live, a three month Gold Membership or £20 Playstation Network Card. The first two are worth £17.49 while the PSN card is worth £20, meaning that you stand to get at most a £11.97 discount.

Note that the games must be bought either through Xbox Points card or with the PS3 Network card. The supermarket previously allowed gamers to preorder the console versions of the game for £34.90 with the PC version costing a smidgen under £30, using a discount code but this has now expired.

Users can also get up to 1000 extra clubcard points worth £10 instore when they type in a number of codes that can be easily found out online.

The success of CoD : Black Ops on the web can be explained by the fact that age checks are not done when purchased online. The game is not for sale to persons under 18 but there are no ways of checking this, unlike someone who buys it instore.

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