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Thousands Queue For Xbox Kinect UK Launch

Gamers from across the UK queued throughout the night to get their hands on Microsoft's Kinect motion sensing gaming peripheral when stores opened at midnight last night.

In preparation for the launch, stores across the UK opened at midnight to welcome the first shoppers.

The buzz generated around Kinect is the product of a $100 million marketing campaign and a (mostly) well executed PR strategy by Microsoft, which has maintained that Kinect launch will be bigger than that of the Xbox 360.

Previously, the company had said that it expects to sell 5 million Kinect devices by the end of this year, boosting the previous forecast of 3 million units.

Stephen McGill, Microsoft's director of Xbox for the UK and Ireland told BBC News: “It's about technology getting out of the way, being incredibly invisible. Playing Kinect is natural, intuitive and brilliantly fun, and we're very excited to bring it to hundreds of thousands of families across the country this Christmas.”