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We7 Launches Internet Radio Plus

Online music streaming service We7 is set to switch its focus to internet radio in its battle against rivals Spotify and

The company has added a new feature to its on-demand music streaming service, Internet Radio Plus, which is set to allow users to listen to music from radio-like webcasts.

We7 CEO Steve Purdham told Pocket-Lint that more than 50 per cent of its users listen to music from the radio function.

“What we've found is that people like the idea of music being played to them with the choice of being able to add a request anytime that they want,” he said.

The radio function on the platform also allows users to create personalised radio stations by adding their favourite songs from the massive 6.5 million song catalogue offered by the company.

We7 also has plans to offer much more than music to its radio listeners. In the coming six months, We7 will partner with The Guardian Radio to bring news and other non-music related radio content to users.

“We're going to take [the partnership with Guardian radio] a lot further in the next six months where we're going to introduce news, sport, entertainment and various non-music capabilities and actually put that in control of the user,” he said.