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Wikia Site Gets Massive Revamp To Improve Usability

The Wikimedia Foundation-owned Wikia online content publishing platform is undergoing a significant design overhaul that is set to merge social networking capabilities with the online content publishing tools.

Since the launch of the platform in 2004, Wikia has garnered a registered user base of over 2 million, who have in turn created over 165,000 wikis.

According to Wikimedia founder Jimmy Wales, the platform is being redesigned in a manner in which it would easier for anyone to create wikis and contribute to the articles.

Unveiling the new design while addressing the Digital Hollywood Content Summit in New York, Wales said: “The intention is to reach out beyond the traditional core of people who are involved in Wikia and get in more people editing on a wider range of diverse topics. Wikia is a tool for everyone in society to participate and share in and not just the traditional geek.”

The outfit said that it had seen a 500 per cent rise in people willing to create a wiki and a double digit rise in Wikia viewers thanks to social networking.