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3 UK Has £99.99 32GB Samsung Galaxy Tab Package

As a reminder, 3 UK is currently selling the Samsung Galaxy Tab for £99.99 when you buy their £40 per month deal according to the Samsung Galaxy Tab tariff sheet on Carphone Warehouse.

With a contract length of 24 months, the package called "£40 5GB with laptop 24m" will provide with a decent 5GB internet per month, 250 texts but no voice. As expected, Carphone Warehouse is throwing in a free 16GB microSD card.

Carphone Warehouse lists four other packages with three of them including 5GB broadband allowance but various initial costs and amount of texts; a £35 per month package comes with 200 texts and carries a £150 initial outlay.

3 UK will charge £350 for the Galaxy Tab if you choose to buy the 1GB package at a cost of £17.50 per month on a two year contract. The best deal though seems to be the £25 package which carries a total cost of ownership of £880 and gives you 5GB data allowance.

Vodafone's equivalent package will cost customers an extra £210 although it is only a one-month rolling contract. Interestingly, 3 UK's website hasn't been updated to reflect the new package since the offer was introduced nearly two weeks ago.

Phones4U published tariffs for the Galaxy Tab on 3 UK but have since removed those.

We reported earlier that Carphone Warehouse and others have quietly started to cut the price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab as well as throwing in a free 16GB microSD card.