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Amazon Slammed Over 'Paedophiles Guide' e-Book

Amazon has been slammed by users after a 'How-To' guide for paedophiles was discovered in the Kindle book store.

The book titled 'The Paedophile's Guide to Love and Pleasure: a Child-lover's Code of Conduct' has caused an uproar among Amazon users, who have demanded that the company remove the e-book from the platform.

The company has maintained that, while it does not promote criminal acts, it is also against censorship on the platform. However, Fox News is now reporting that the title has since been pulled form the store.

Amazon allows writers and publishers to offer their work on the retail platform on a revenue sharing basis.

Several Amazon users have voiced their concern over the availability of the book on the Kindle store and have even threatened to boycott Amazon if it refuses to remove the offending title.

However, the author of the book Philip R. Greaves II has argued that the book only advises paedophiles to abide by the law and not act on the sexual impulses they have towards children.