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BT Vision Membership Reaches 520,000

BT's video on demand service, BT Vision, attracted an additional 24,000 subscribers in the quarter ending September 30th 2010 according to the latest group results, published today.

In total, a mere 53,000 subscribers have chosen BT Vision over the last eight months which is disappointing given the £30 million marketing budget that BT earmarked for it and the fact that it brought Sky Sports 1 and 2 onboard since July.

This means that BT spent almost £600 to acquire each subscriber as the marketing cost excludes other expenses associated with content development and the technical infrastructure.

A BT spokesperson told Marketing magazine that "Customers now stand at 520,000 for BT Vision, and 50,000 have taken the Sky Sports package. We would have liked higher numbers, but we are in it for the long term."

Financial results unveiled today by BT also showed that the total number of BT Infinity users reached three millions.

The telecommunications giant revealed yesterday that it will be introducing 3D movies in partnership with NBC Universal over the next twelve months and add high definition content shortly, all in a bid to beef up its offerings.

BT Vision prices start from £6.99 per month with Sky Sports 1 & 2 costing £16.99, significantly less than on Sky.